Sunday, May 4, 2008

Was one of those days where I came home thinking: I love my job! I love my students! I love teaching! I'm a good teacher! In fact, I'm an all-around good doobie, now that I think about it!! Of course, there's always those days where things just seem off, your students appear to be bored shitless, you feel awkward and inarticulate and uninspiring, and you just want to go home and crawl under the Bad Professor Rock and never ever enter the classroom again because you suck, shemales suck, you SUCK!! But then there are days like yesterday which always remind me how much I like doing what I do.

And it seems as if there's never any rhyme or reason for how or when you get those serendipitous teaching days. Yesterday, for example, I'd been plagued by bad technology mojo, Xerox machine meltdown, and any number of extremely aggravating mishaps.

But when I got into the classroom, all of that just disappeared, and it was like . . . it was like butter!!! My undergraduate workshop was talkative and engaged, and the period flew by like nothing. And then, in my night graduate seminar, the discourse was lively, very intense, intelligent, and fun!!! "Thanks, I enjoyed it!" one student said on the way out of the classroom. "Great class!" said another student as she exited. "Class was absolutely great!" wrote yet another student in an e-mail.

And so today, I now feel thrilled and exhilarated, in an arms-spread, bow-of-the-ship, Leonardo DiCaprio-esque, King-of-the-World(!) kind of way!!

(Ed. Note: HORRORS!! Was still signed in, apparently, to grad seminar course blog and didn't realize it when I originally wrote this post, and thus posted it to that blog first!!! Took it down within a matter of 30 seconds, but still!! Shamelessly crowing and nattering on about how much they liked me yesterday! Bring on the Bad Professor Rock! HORRORS!!!)